Special Limited Offer 



Buy 4 complete sets of any of the cartridges listed below and get a 5th set free





T-611, T-612, T-613, T-614
T-711, T-712, T-713, T-714
T-1281, T-1282, T-1283, T-1284
T-1291, T-1292, T-1293, T-1294


PGi-5BK, CLi-8BK, CLi-8C, CLi-8M, CLi-8Y
PGi-520BK, CLi-521BK, CLi-521C, CLi-521M, CLi-521Y
PGi-525BK, CLi-526BK, CLi-526C, CLi-526M, CLi-526Y


LC-970 BK/C/M/Y LC-1000 BK/C/M/Y
LC-980 BK/C/M/Y LC-1100 BK/C/M/Y
LC-985 BK/C/M/Y
LC-1240 BK/C/M/Y LC-1280 BK/C/M/Y


We have been supplying these very high quality inkjet cartridges for over 10 years. They are produced to ISO9001 standard giving high quality output.


This offer enables you to give us a try without breaking the bank. 


To take advantage of this special offer please quote WEB OFFER and

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Email: sales@1m1.co.uk





















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